Daily Clipps

  • So proud of my friend, Larson Ishii. He's a featured writer over at ClipsNation. Here's his first piece on the NBA's new TV deal. (ClipsNation)
  • The Clippers will be streaming their Media Day here on Monday, September 29th, from 11am-2pm PST. (NBA)
  • Lawrence Frank is leaving the Nets to join the Clippers coaching staff. (ESPN)
  • Looks like the Clipper will be ditching Apple products for Microsoft ones. No surprise here though. (Reuters)

Blake Griffin Opens Up to GQ About Being a Father, Donald Sterling, Religion and Oklahoma

This is a very interesting interview with Blake Griffin. I wish it would have gone a little deeper into his comedy ideas and acts, but it's fun to see athletes open up and be transparent. 

This is one of my favorite questions from the interview.

You got to meet Will Ferrell, who is one of your heroes, right?
Yeah, I did. That was awesome. I found that kind of funny, though, because we were shooting a Funny or Die thing at his house, and I pulled up to his house, and every word he was saying I was hanging on, waiting for an awesome punch line, you know? Like waiting for everything to be a joke...... Read the whole GQ interview here.